Anesthesia and Surgery

Our team understands the fear and anxiety surrounding surgical visits. To reduce the stress on your pet, we create a specialized anesthetic plan. These plans may include pre-operative medications that you administer at home prior to surgery to reduce the anxiety your pet experiences in the hospital. In order to keep your anxiety down, our team will explain the process of drop off and keep you updated throughout the procedure.

Here are a few key steps to make sure that your pet is cared for during their surgical procedure.

Personalized Exam Your pet’s vet will perform a physical exam to check for any irregularities that may prevent or complicate the procedure. They also take the time to make sure that your pet is comfortable before the next steps.

Preanesthetic Medications These medications are used to reduce pain and keep the pet at ease throughout the entire process.

Intravenous Catheter and Fluids A catheter is placed in each patient so that we can administer an anesthetic that will help your pet fall asleep gently. Your pet will then be given a precise blend of anesthetic gas and oxygen during anesthesia. They also receive intravenous fluids to maintain their blood pressure.

Dedicated Veterinary Technician Our trained staff will record the blood pressure, heartrate and additional vital signs of each patient during the entire procedure to ensure your pets safety.